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free shipping over 100€ in GER + AUT | NEW free shipping over 200€ in NL + BEL + LUX + DK + CZ
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Shipping Costs / Dispatch

Countryshipping costsshipping if you buy more than € 200 
Germany up to EUR 99,99 EUR 5,95 EUR 0,00
Germany more than EUR 100,00 EUR 0,00 EUR 0,00
Austria up to EUR 99,99 EUR 5,95 EUR 0,00
Austria more than EUR 100,00 EUR 0,00 EUR 0,00
Switzerland - no futher customs duties or tax EUR 15,00 EUR 15,00
Netherlands EUR 10,00 EUR 0,00
Belgium EUR 10,00 EUR 0,00
Luxembourg EUR 10,00 EUR 0,00
Denmark EUR 10,00 EUR 0,00
Czech Republic EUR 10,00 EUR 0,00
Italy up to EUR 499,99 EUR 10,00 EUR 10,00
Italy more than EUR 500,00 EUR 0,00 EUR 0,00
France up to EUR 499,99 EUR 10,00 EUR 10,00
France more than EUR 500,00 EUR 0,00 EUR 0,00
Slovenia EUR 15,00 EUR 15,00
Slovakia EUR 15,00 EUR 15,00
Croatia EUR 15,00 EUR 15,00
Poland EUR 15,00 EUR 15,00
Hungary EUR 15,00 EUR 15,00
Sweden  EUR 15,00 EUR 15,00
Norway - Liechtenstein plus import administration and taxes. Invoicing through GLS EUR 20,00 EUR 20,00
Finland  EUR 30,00 EUR 30,00
Portugal EUR 30,00 EUR 30,00
Spain EUR 30,00 EUR 30,00
Latvia EUR 30,00 EUR 30,00
Lithuania EUR 30,00 EUR 30,00
Ireland EUR 30,00 EUR 30,00
Bulgaria  EUR 30,00 EUR 30,00
Rumania EUR 30,00 EUR 30,00
Greece EUR 50,00 EUR 50,00

Orders and deliveries are only possible within the countries listed above. If you wish a delivery to another country, we will try to help you.
Please call our Service-Hotline +49 (0)8503 92429-0.

Deliveries to Switzerland/Liechtenstein include 7.7% Swiss VAT.

Postage Switzerland/Liechtenstein: EUR 15,00 

For you as customer there are no further customs duties or customs clearance costs.

Delivery in Switzerland is carried out by Swiss Post.


Alternatively, we offer our Swiss customers the following delivery services.

- MeinEinkauf.ch

Via MeinEinkauf.ch you can buy from € 50 value of goods free shipping and especially WITHOUT customs duties in our shop.

Proceed as follows:
1. Simply register at www.meineinkauf.ch. Here you will receive a personal [email protected] Email Address.
2. Place your order in our shop stating your personal [email protected] Email Address.
3. For shipping and billing address, please use only:
MeinEinkauf GmbH
Maybachstraße 19
D-78467 Konstanz

In addition to the o.a. Addressing to MeinEinkauf GmbH please pay attention to your payment method.

4. All order and shipping information will be automatically forwarded from your first [email protected] email address to your private email address.

The MeinEinkauf.ch team remains informed about the status of your order in order to send it as soon as possible to your address in Switzerland.

You can then see the status of your order about 48 hours after receipt on www.meineinkauf.ch under "My Orders".

5. You pay for your ordered goods directly in our XSPO shop. With your goods you will receive a separate invoice for the service fee of MeinEinkauf.ch.

- SWISS Paket - German delivery address - your package in Switzerland

Cheap parcel pick-up with German delivery address for Swiss customers in direct border proximity to Switzerland! Your package to Switzerland - cheap and close.

The corresponding branches can be found here: https://www.swiss-paket.de/filialen

Information and prices can be found here: https://www.swiss-paket.de/

If you return us the invoice stamped by customs, the 19% German VAT will be reimbursed.

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For customers outside the EU:

For shipping outside the EU, customs clearance fees apply. These are already included in the postage due. Not included is the respective VAT of the country (for example Switzerland 7,7%) as well as any processing fee of the delivering transport company

If you choose the method of payment cash on delivery (only possible in Germany and Austria), the delivery service charges an additional fee of EUR 6.95. Please have them ready in cash.