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Alpine Ski - The most important products at XSPO

The term alpine skiing is usually understood to mean skiing for the general public. Alpine skiing, on the other hand, often refers to competitive alpine sports.

Skis, boots, Poles - The equipment for the enthusiastic athlete

Whether newcomer or professional - every skier is dependent on highly functional and technical sports equipment in order to be able to ski safely on the respective slopes. The ski is the most important element. Skis are currently divided into different categories: race skis, sport performance skis (also called sport carvers), All Mountain skis, ladies' skis, Freeride skis, freestyle and pipe and park skis and children's skis or youth skis.

Other essential equipment includes the right boots. The ski boots provide a secure grip and connect the skier with the skis. It is important that the boot is not too big, otherwise the transmission of power from the body to the ski will not work optimally. The flex - i.e. the resistance of the boot shaft - must also be optimal for the respective skier, so that the pressure from the skier can be transferred to the ski in the best possible way. In the extensive selection of XSPO, there are models for adult skiers as well as products for children of all skill levels.

Also required for alpine skiing are suitable ski poles: The length of the appropriate ski pole should be about 70% of the body size. The Poles serve the athlete to maintain an ideal balance over the ski. In addition, the straps should be adjustable and free the hands in case of a fall. The Poles for children as well as for ladies usually feature thinner handles as well as a narrower tube.

For beginners and advanced skiers as well as for very good skiers and experts, XSPO offers a comprehensive range. An advantage of the search in the online shop is the filter function: With the help of this you can make the results in the respective category even more specific. For example, select your gender, your skiing ability and your preferred terrain. You will then receive a list of results that is tailored to your needs. We wish you a lot of fun in our online shop!

  • Alpine skiers need adapted equipment
  • The ski boots must be optimally adapted to the foot length and foot width of the athlete
  • The length of the ski poles is about 70% of the body size
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Alpina Jump 2.0 VM white-white matt
Visier: Varioflex Mirror (polarisierend, kontrastverstärkend)
Visier: Varioflex Mirror (polarisiere...
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Alpina Jump 2.0 QVM white-grey matt
Visier: QuattroVarioflex Mirror (photochrom, polarisierend)
Visier: QuattroVarioflex Mirror (phot...
€299.95** €199.95*

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