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Short skis and shortie skis - suitable models in the Ski Shop

Short skis and shortie skis are models that are shorter than your own body length. They are particularly suitable for jumps.

High fun factor with short skis and shortie skis

Many winter sports enthusiasts not only want to ski down the slopes in comfort, but also try their hand at jumps and tight turns. Short skis and shortie skis are ideal for this. Short skis are often also called fun carvers: They are about 100 to 150 cm long and thus shorter than the athlete's body length. When choosing a suitable model, it makes sense to choose skis that are up to 25 cm shorter than your own height. They have a lower weight than conventional skis and often have higher binding plates. In addition, they usually have a short radius so that athletes can achieve a lean in turns. Shorties are usually even shorter and wider short skis - usually they reach up to a length of 100 cm; in some cases they are available up to a length of 140 cm. They also impress with their pronounced turning ability, which increases the fun on the slopes.

As a rule, course skis and shortie skis are recommended to advanced and professional skiers, as they have sufficient reaction speed and can control the ski. However, these skis are often used for beginners if they have a strong waist: Beginners thus learn carving and increased responsiveness from the start. However, it is important that beginners feel comfortable in any case when they make their first trips on the ski slope.

You can find inexpensive, yet high-quality models in the online shop at XSPO - here you have the option of browsing directly in the relevant category. However, you can also use the filter function and search for specific products: To do so, simply enter your gender, your riding ability, your riding style and your preferred terrain. The team at XSPO hopes you enjoy your shopping experience!

  • Short skis and shortie skis are shorter than body length
  • Short skis are up to 150 cm long
  • These skis are especially suitable for advanced and professional skiers
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Head The RazzleDazzle (2022/23) - Set incl....
Binding: Tyrolia SP 10 GW (DIN 2.5 - 10)
Binding: Tyrolia SP 10 GW (DIN 2.5 - 10)
€370.00** €279.95*