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First aid - Everything for emergencies at XSPO

Every winter sportsman takes a certain risk. Accidents on the slopes or in the terrain are not calculable. Therefore, every responsible skier should have first aid bags for emergencies.

With first aid quickly on the spot and prevent worse

An accident or collision on the slopes or an emergency situation while touring in deep snow can always happen. Therefore, it is irrelevant whether beginners or competitive athletes are on boards. Ski first aid bags for emergencies are part of the ski equipment to be able to help yourself and others immediately and to bridge the time until the rescue service arrives.

The first aid bags for emergencies at XSPO contain a basic assortment that is helpful for first aiders. The set can thus be conveniently purchased online and can be used by anyone in an emergency. The products are offered in different sizes. The contents include a rescue blanket, a triangular cloth, gauze bandages, plasters, scissors or disinfectant wipes.

Emergency equipment can be recommended to every skier. First aid is particularly important to stabilize the injured person and also to accompany him psychologically until the rescue forces reach the scene of the accident. With the equipment, everyone is able to disinfect and treat wounds. A rescue blanket can be used to keep the injured person warm. If life-saving measures are necessary, a resuscitation sheet is included in the bags.

Accidents and collisions in winter sports areas are constantly increasing. Therefore, every skier should think of the equipment for emergencies and take no risks, especially on longer tours. Before the topic of first aid can be implemented quickly and professionally on site, every winter sports enthusiast should consider the contents of the bags.

  • First aid bags for emergencies contain basic equipment for the first aid treatment of injured persons
  • The basics of first aid should be familiar to every skier
  • Rescue blanket, triangular cloth, bandages and plasters are part of the equipment of the bags
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